Hello, I'm Madhuree Latha Allam

I'm a Software Developer

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About Me

I am a Software Developer currently working at Guidewire Software. I completed my Masters in Computer Science at the University of Florida graduating May-2021.


Oct 2021 - present

Guidewire Software

Software Engineer - II

Oct 2021

Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions

Software Engineer

May 2021

University of Florida

Master's in Computer and Information Science

May 2019

Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science

Bachelor's in Computer Science


Intelligent Traffic Management System

Designed and developed a simulation to make the current traffic system more effective by reducing average waiting time, travel congestion and air pollution using deep learning algorithms. Optimized this further to detect emergency vehicles (ambulance, and fire engines) and offer priority to them.

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Twitter API

Implemented Twitter Clone and simulator using web sockets implementation of web sharper. Created a simulation engine to check perform load testing on the API.

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Devised a web application that analyses the existing Kaggle data of a social networking platform “Meet up”. Extracted knowledge insights (such as geographical, user-level insights etc.) form the data on the millions of records within ~10 seconds.

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Crafted an application that focuses on the implementation of blockchain-based authentication and validation of digital documents. Addressed and resolved most of the functionalities and security features the current system is lacking.

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Hand Gesture Recognition

Implemented a hand-gesture recognition using an OpenCV on Python. Utilized a histogram-based methodology to isolate a hand from the background picture and recognize the gestures made by the person.

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